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Newsletter Autumn 2019

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Mast inspection before the big crossing starts



The 2019 season is almost over: TAMIRO is still on another trip and will then end the 31-week charter season on 9 November. TAMIRO II just begun its journey - on 16.10. At 11 am local time, she sailed westwards from Kos and will arrive in Guadeloupe about two months later. With this newsletter we would like to give you some information about the Atlantic crossing and the season 2020.

The topics for this newsletter:

§  Skipper-Trainings in 2020

§  The 2020 Season is comming soon

§  In May 2020: 900 Nautical Miles - One Way Mallorca – Corfu

§  Preparing a 13’000km / 7’200nm sailing trip to Miami

§  Our 72 hours pit-stop

§  Our journey: From Kos to Miami

§  Communication and safety on board

§  And again: new gadgets on board




Skipper-Trainings in 2020

In 2019, we conducted four skipper training sessions with a total of 16 participants. Due to the demand, we will again be doing skipper training on S / C TAMIRO in Kos in 2020. The first takes place over the Easter weekend, the others in the first week of May. Are you interested in that? The dates, as well as the costs can be found below. The detailed program is published on We would be very happy to introduce you to catamaran sailing with a skipper training!






EUR 1000

Eastern Weekend


EUR 850



EUR 850



The 2020 season is comming soon

Even if it is almost 6 months until the Saision 2020 starts, we would like to inform you about it. Both boats, TAMIRO and TAMIRO II will be based in Kos, Greece. TAMIRO is initially engaged in skipper training and is then available for bareboat or skippered charter cruises. TAMIRO II will be ready for you again starting on the 30th of May after returning from the Caribbean. Please note that TAMIRO II is already very well booked. But beware, also the booking calendar of TAMIRO fills up quickly.



In May 2020: 900 nautical miles - One-Way Mallorca – Corfu (Greece)


«Safe the date»: For all who need “nautical miles”. In the second half of May 2020 we sail 900 nautical miles with TAMIRO II in about 7 days. We start in Palma de Mallorca and from there we go via Sardinia, Sicily into the Ionian Sea to Corfu. Currently the trip is scheduled from 16.5. to 24.5.2020 (changes reserved).



Preparing a 13’000km / 7200nm trip to Miami, Florida

Preparations for the journey across the Atlantic and across the Caribbean started about 9 months ago. Of course, at the beginning the route and the dates were at the center of the planning. When does it start, which crews sail the boat from A to B, do we sail alone or in a group, etc. Next, we have taken care about the required equipment. In addition to the safety equipment required by law, it was also about what we take with us on personal safety equipment (more on this under communication and safety on board), but also what spare parts we need. A difficult decision, because everything can break and on our way, and everything is difficult to get during our trip. Finally and almost most important: the provisioning! For the long journey, we have created additional storage space for food in the bat, but also a 70 liter freezer and a Termomix were added to our inventory. We got professional advice from a fisherman about how best to catch a tuna daily (we hope the days are long enough 😉). Planning from Kos to Miami is a complex project with many dependencies.

72 Hour Pit-Stop


S/C TAMIRO II was in charter all weeks this season. In various cruises she has sailed almost all of Greece, even to the northwestern point, the island of Corfu. Therefore, the boat needed an extensive maintenance before it could start the long journey. We have lifted the boat onto the dry dock for 72 hours and performed works such as adding three layers anti-fouling, polishing the hull, maintaining the sail-drives, engines, generator and water maker. A new anchor windlass got installed and finally we repaired some gelcoat damages on the hull. Before the long journey, all software modules had to receive an update. About 30 electronic components that control the boat or provide important information are equipped with software. On Monday afternoon and Tuesday were our final test sailing days. On Tuesday evening, we finally loaded our Lagoon 450F with all the equipment. Spare parts worth 6000 euros were stowed. Among other things ... 50 liters of engine oil, 16 oil filters and impellers, a dozen fuel and air filters, a spare anchor and winch, and so on ... Since we want to dive in the Caribbean, the diving equipment for eight divers also had to go onto board ... " What, the boat still floats?" were one of the comments we had to listen to after loading her 😊.


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Automatisch generierte Beschreibung

The itinerary of S / C TAMIRO II from Kos (Greece) to Miami in Florida


From Kos to Miami and back zurück

TAMIRO will travel 13,000 kilometers or 7,000 nautical miles until the boat will arrive in Miami. In the first part the crew is sailing under the command of skipper Niko Reisch from Kos to Palma de Mallorca (2300km, 1250nm, 12 days). The crew has started well and is currently on the open sea between the island of Crete and Malta. From Mallorca it goes via Gibraltar (Leg 2: 850km, 450nm, 7 days) to Tenerife (Leg 3: 1350km, 730nm, 5 days). In Tenerife, we will take a break for a week and check the boat and equipment in detail. If everything fits, then we will sail at the latest on 24.11 from Tenerife South to Sao Vincente (Cape Verde Islands) (1520km, 820nm, 5 ½ days). Up to this time we have covered 3200 nautical miles ... but have not yet crossed the Atlantic ... 2080 nautical miles or 3900 miles is the actual crossing, which we want to sail in 13 to 15 days. The 16.12. it should be the day, on which we should arrive in Guadeloupe and enter French territory ... Caribbean-French - fortunately! Then the real fun begins. Enjoying diving, snorkeling and Caribbean feeling. S/C Tamiro II will stay in the Martinique area for about two months. Various crews will explore the waters and islands of the Southern Caribbean. On 20.02. then it goes from Guadeloupe to St. Maarten and from there via British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Bahamas to Miami, where the boat will arrive to the 25th April. And now about the trip back to Europe: this will not take six months, in only four weeks we will be back! Comfortably on a freighter it goes in ten days from Miami to Palma de Mallorca and from there under further to Corfu, where we will arrive on 25.5.2020.


Communication and Safety on Board



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Many of you will wonder what if something happens. This question has to be taken seriously and we have prepared ourselves for it in the best possible way. The entire crew, which will sail across the Atlantic, completes on 26.10. a first emergency aid course designed for the possible problems. Dr. Peter Staub, also an open-sea sailor, will practice with us the handling of a defibrillator, to dress a wound, the stabilization of fractures and the syringe of medicine. In addition, every crew member will be equipped with a so-called Personal EPIRB and DSC transmitter. With these two transmitters, a crew member can be located and detected by radio or satellites signals – in hopefully the unlikely event someone goes overboard. These devices are built into the personal life jacket of each crew member. The boat also has an EPIRB transmitter. EPIRB stands for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. Within two minutes, this device transmits the current position of the boat to a sea rescue station on land, which then initiates a rescue. A satellite phone will also be on board. In addition to the telephony, we can use this to download the local weather report and receive and send simple text messages. Our internet connection will be slow, or better said "very slow" - but we have plenty of time.




And again – new gadgets on board




TAMIRO II has received some technical enhancements as part of the Atlantic journey. The crew demanded to be in the Caribbean one day earlier 😊. As a consequence, we had to install so-called folding propellers on TAMIRO II. They fold together while sailing, thus reducing resistance. The boat sails about half a knot faster, which in 14 days is equivalent to 168 nautical miles or one day. In addition, the installation of the CZONE interface was completed. With this new interface, the crew can comfortably query the important boat data such as water depth, wind speed, etc. from the saloon - even if the “navigation network” is switched off. And finally ... yes - also the data of the Yanmar engines are now available on the chart plotter at the Helm Station. It will now display the RPM, the current consumption, the temperature of the motors, as well as the operating hours.




Thank you

Thank you for your interest. We hope to welcome you with your friends and families on S/C TAMIRO I or S/C TAMIRO II in 2020 in Greece or the Caribbean. If you have any questions, please contact us via email ( or mobile (+41 79 3417707).





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