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Sail & Dive - We explore the 160 meter long wreck Maniana III, which lies between Amorgos and Kalymnos at 10 meters depth.


Half of the 2019 sailing season is already over in Greece. Our current activities focus on preparing for our upcoming Atlantic crossing, as well as the subsequent Caribbean trip from Martinique to Miami. However, planning for 2020 keeps us also budy, TAMIRO and TAMIRO II have already been booked for six respective 14 weeks in the new year.


We would like to inform you with this newsletter about the topics below:

§  Sailing in the Atlantic - from Gibraltar via Tenerife to Cabo Verde

§  Sailing in the Caribbean - three weeks are still available

§  A Review - Sail & Dive Safari from Kos to Milos

§  Upgrades to TAMIRO II for the Atlantic crossing

§  The charter season 2020

§  900 nautical miles - One Way Mallorca – Lefkada/Corfu in 2020

§  Skipper Training 2020

§  Our new tender: A Highfield Deluxe 350








€ 600 / DC*
€ 1000 / EC*

Mallorca to Gibraltar/Malaga


€ 600 / DC*
€ 1000 / EC*

Gibraltar/Malaga to Tenerife


€ 900 / DC*
€ 1300 / EC*

Tenerife to Cabo Verde (Sao Vincente)


€ 5600/Boat

Martinique to Guadeloupe**


€ 5600/Boat

Guadeloupe to Martinique**


€ 900 / DC*
€ 1300 / EC*

US Virgin Island to Dominican Republic

*            DC = two person in a cabin, EC = one person in a cabin
**         Incl. Skipper, also possible without skipper


Sailing in the Atlantic - from Gibraltar via Tenerife to Cabo Verde
TAMIRO II will be ready for its 10’000km trip, and leaves Kos on 15.10, scheduled to arrive in Guadeloupe around the 16th of December. The cabins for the Atlantic crossing from Cabo Verde / Sao Vincente to Guadeloupe are all occupied. But crew-places are still available on the way to Cape Verde. If you want to escape the November Nebula for a few days, join us on the small Atlantic crossing from Gibraltar to Tenerife or on to Cabo Verde. These two trips are also suitable for future ocean-going captains who want to efficiently collect missing offshore miles. In one section we sail about 800nm, in both together almost 1600nm. Details on the exact dates and prices can be found in the table on the left.


Sailing in the Caribbean - three weeks are still available

The island of Terre-de-Haut, which lies in the south of Guadeloupe. Pure Caribbean feeling!


As already announced in the last newsletter, S/C TAMIRO II is under sail from 16.12.2019 to 30.04.2020 in the Caribbean. In the first week of May 2020, it will then be back across the Atlantic - but this time not under its own keel, but on the roof of a cargo ship. But that still takes time - first we want to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle. TAMIRO II will be available for Bare-Boat Charter (Skipper as an option) for another two weeks in January 2020. The route leads from Martinique to Guadeloupe, resp. vice versa. The distance of 150 nautical miles will take us passing Dominica and my personal favourite, the island of Terre-de-Haut. The latter is a small island south of Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe and Martinique can be easily and conveniently reached by Air France via Paris. The cost is between 700 and 900 euros for a plane ticket. Also exciting is the trip in late March from the US Virgin Islands to the Dominican Republic. The distance is approximately 330nm. We plan to do half of this in a 24-hour trip (Puerto Rico to the west coast of the Dom Rep). The journey takes us from the US Virgin Islands passing Flamenco, on to Puerto Rico and then from there via Las Galeras to Puerto Plata. This trip is also suitable for deepening your sailing knowledge. We  will be traveling most of the way with the Wingaker sail. Details on the exact dates and prices can be found in the table on the left.



Review: Sail & Dive Safari from Kos to Milos

Big and small wrecks, caverns, wind up to 30 knots and good Greek food kept us busy in the last week of June. We started from the home port of TAMIRO in Kos. From there we sailed directly to Pserimos, where we dived the first wreck, called “Thor Star”. “Thor Star” is a 70-meter-long cargo ship, which has not found its way in foggy conditions. It is located directly on the rocky coast of Pserimos. Then we went to Kalymnos, where we explored two more wrecks and caverns. The search for Leo, the seal that lives in one of the caverns, was unfortunately unsuccessful - he was not at home 😊. But Poseidon meant well with us and we were able to explore the 160 meter long wreck “Maniana III” at the best diving conditions. The wreck lies horizontally at 7 to 30 meters water depth and is in top condition, including the cargo, which is still on board. With some wind we sailed to Paros via Koufonisi, where the wreck "Marianna" was on the diving program. “Marianna” "stands" at 18 meters water depth. This ship should be "sold" to the insurance company, but unfortunately something went wrong ... the sea rescue was called by the captain before the vessel hitted the reef. Paros is the island next to the wreck. Here we enjoyed in a private luxury villa, also called "The White House of Paros", an aperitif and friendship. The owner Levin is a regular guest on TAMIRO and TAMIRO II. Afterwards we sailed to the party island called Ios. Again, we dived a wreck (what else?). But the focus of the diving and sailing crew was in water skiing and wakeboarding. Our new Highfield Deluxe 350 Tender has done its best here. The 40 miles from Ios to Milos we sailed under funny conditions - with up to 30 knots wind TAMIRO II cruised at 8 to 9 knots towards its destination “Milos”. We also did some diving on this island. A simple dive to finish, which has led us through small underwater tunnels and caverns. Many thanks to the entire crew for this very nice week! If you are interested in a Sail & Dive trip, please contact us to discuss a possible program. More pictures and impressions can be found on our Facebook page


Upgrades to S/C TAMIRO II for the Transatlantic and the Caribbean


In each newsletter we have informed you so far about the upgrades on S/C TAMIRO and S/C TAMIRO II, and so also in this. In the area of electrical supply, we equipped TAMIRO II with 2 large lithium batteries (720AH capacity) this March. This summer, the system was then supplemented by a second inverter / battery charger. The batteries on TAMIRO II can now be recharged at high power and high speed. 350 ampere charging - from "completely empty" to full batteries within two hours. Also, the water-maker and the dive-compressor can be powered by our 6kW inverter. All this would not be possible with normal AGM or GEL batteries. In the bow cabin on the starboard side, we have installed a washing machine - which is also powered by solar & battery power. A 70-liter mobile freezer will help us make the long crossing and limited shopping opportunities on the Caribbean islands. And now to the electronics: The company Yacht Device offers various gadgets that provide boot and environment data on the NMEA 2000 bus. From now on, TAMIRO II makes it easy to read the air pressure as well as the key figures of the two Yanmar diesel engines on the chart-plotter. Currently, we are still installing a CZone system. This will allow charter guests to control and monitor some components using an IPad or an iPhone. Many thanks also to Niko Reisch from Nordwestfunk for its support. He is our partner when it comes to ship electronics and safety equipment.




900 miles - One-Way Mallorca – Lefkada/Corfu (Greece)

Safe the date. For all who need miles. In the second half of May 2020 we sail 900 nautical miles with TAMIRO II in about 10 days. We start in Palma de Mallorca and from there we go via Sardinia, Sicily into the Ionian Sea to Lefkada/Corfu. Currently the trip is planned from May 16 to 26, 2020 (changes reserved).




Skipper-Trainings in April 2020

The demand for our skipper training was high in 2019. That's why we're planning another series of trainings next year. For logistical reasons, we will do the trainings in the Greater Athens area in April, so that the arrival and departure will be easier for you. The exact program for the training will be published in October 2020 with the next newsletter.




The 2020 season is coming up



Even if it is almost 9 months until the Saision 2020 starts, we would like to inform you about it. Both boats, TAMIRO and TAMIRO II will be based in Kos, Greece. TAMIRO is on skipper training in the first half of April and will be available for charter afterwards. TAMIRO II will be ready for you again after 30th of May, once it returned from the Caribbean. Please note that TAMIRO II is already well booked. Should you be interested in sailing the Dodecans with TAMIRO II, we should talk about it soon.






Our new toy: A new Highfield Deluxe 350


The luck lies in the misfortune ... this May our big tender had a technical defect, which led us to replace the old one with a new one. We chose a Highfield Deluxe 350 with a 40HP outboard engine. The tender is equipped with a chart-plotter, navigation lights, and an integrated fuel tank. Later this year, we will install a 1.5 high bar that simplifies water skiing and wakeboarding. The tender provides enough space and power for a crew to travel together from TAMIRO II to the nearest taverna. Please note that this tender may only be used with a valid sport boat license for coastal waters.




Thank you

Thank you for your interest. We hope to welcome you with your friends and families on S/C TAMIRO I or S/C TAMIRO II in 2020 in Greece or the Caribbean. If you have any questions, please contact us via email ( or mobile (+41 79 3417707).





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