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Newsletter April 2019

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On the beach in St. Kitts. In the background is a safe anchorage.

This Saturday we officially launched the new season. TAMIRO I welcomed the first guests for a skipper training. TAMIRO II will leave the marina in Kos in one week and then travel non-stop for one year in the Greek waters, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean. Yes, we sail Tamiro II to the Caribbean and offer the opportunity to shorten the winter.  


We would like to inform you with this newsletter about the topics below:

§  Our program in the Caribbean

§  Our journey from Kos to the Caribbean – be part of the crew!

§  Through the Mediterranean and crossing the Atlantic Ocean – our offers

§  Skipper Training in April 2020

§  Very last minute – TAMIRO II from 4-11. Mai 2019

§  Upgrades on TAMIRO I and TAMIRO II

§  Our new toy: A P13-Wingaker Sail





€ 5200

Boat with Skipper*


€ 5200

Boat with Skipper*


€ 5200



€ 5200

Berths -Charter**


€ 2000/3000 ***

Berths -Charter**


€ 2000/3000 ***

Berths -Charter**


€ 2000/3000 ***

Kite & Sail


€ 2000/3000 ***

Kite & Sail

*             Bareboat on request
**          Alternatively: Boat with Skipper on request.
                € 2000 per berth for single-use / € 1500 for 2-person
                use, plus food & beverages, and marina fees
***        Kite & Sail – see below

Our program in the Caribbean

TAMIRO II will be available from 16.12. She will be stationed in the Caribbean until the end of March 2019, before returning to Kos from St. Marteen. During this time TAMIRO II is at your disposal for a shortening of the winter. Sounds good, right? Marvin Schrickel will be our "skipper on the spot" and take great care of the boat and the crews.

The boat will sail around between Martinique and Guadeloupe. These two islands are ideal for arrival and departure. Air France flies these two destinations daily via Paris.

In addition to the pure sailing fun, we also offer certified divers the opportunity to explore the underwater world in the Caribbean. A dive compressor, six scuba tanks and emergency equipment will be on board. More information can be found at



Our journey from Kos to the Caribbean – be part of the crew!

The final check on TAMIRO II will be made in Kos on October 13 to 15, 2019, before our Lagoon 450F heads for the 10'000 kilometers (5400nm) journey to the Caribbean. This distance corresponds to the distance from Zurich to Singapore, only instead of 13 flight hours we will be under sail for two months. The route will take us from Kos to Malta and from there via Spain and Gibraltar to Tenerife (5 days). From there we travel to Mindelo, Cape Verde (5 days), before heading towards Guadeloupe. We want to sail the 2100nm in 12 to 14 days, and plan to relax with a cocktail in the Caribbean sun around the 15th of December.


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Bildergebnis für kap verde küste

Cape Verde - a beautiful archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean

Through the Mediterranean and crossing the Atlantic Ocean – our offers
Would you like to be part of the transfer crew to the Caribbean? This sailing trip offers you the perfect opportunity to earn nautical miles for your mileage trip. We are planning the following "Sailing itinerary" for the overpass, in which we welcome you on board as a crew on the mentioned sections:




Price single cabin

Price in double  cabin


15.10. - 29.10.2019





30.10. - 04.11.2019


EUR 750

EUR 500


06.11. - 10.11.2019


EUR 600

EUR 400

Gibraltar – Tenerife

13.11. – 19.11.2019


EUR 1500

EUR 1000

Tenerife – Cabe Verde

23.11. – 29.11.2019


EUR 1500

EUR 1000

Cabe Verde – Guadeloupe

02.12. – 16.12.2019


EUR 4000

EUR 2000

If you would like to sail several sections with us, we will gladly make you a combined price. Please contact us for this. The TAMIRO II is skippered by Marvin Schrickel and partly Urs Tanner (owner). Both are experienced sailors with more than a dozen thousand nautical miles on a Lagoon 450F.





Skipper Training in April 2020
The demand for our skipper training was high in 2019. That's why we're planning another series of trainings next year. For logistical reasons, we will do the training in the Greater Athens area, so that the arrival and departure will be easier for you. The exact program for the training sessions will be published with the next newsletter, along with a few impressions from the current training sessions.





Very last minute – TAMIRO II from 4-11. Mai 2019


Bildergebnis für lipsi segeln

Are you interested in sailing this May? In the Dodecanes it is already warm and the water is scratching at the 20 degree mark. TAMIRO II (Lagoon 450F 2019) will be available from Kos from 4 May to 11 May. After that, the boat in Kos will be available again from 15 May 2020. For fast deciding crews we offer a one-time special price of EUR 3420 for the entire week. Are you interested?







EUR 3420 (40%)






Kite & Sail
TAMIROKITECRUISE with instructor Marvin will be performing a kiteboarding week in Mykonos from August 31 to September 6, 2019 with S / C TAMIRO II. Our catamaran serves as a floating hotel, which will sail from one kite bay to the next. From the hydraulic platform, an experienced kite surfer can also perform the start directly.

Due to the increased demand, TAMIRO II is ready for a Kite & Sail vacation in the Caribbean as well: from February 29th to March 14th we surf between Antigua and Guadeloupe. Are you interested? Contact Urs or Marvin for more information.





TAMIRO II (front) and TAMIRO I at the back in the marina of Kos this March. Both are ready for a long charter season!

Upgrades auf TAMIRO I & II: Tenderlift, Flexiteak, Batteries and more

In March we equipped TAMIRO I with a brand new Tenderlift. There are six Lagoon 450s worldwide, two of them in our small fleet. In addition, the solar system on TAMIRO I was supplemented with new Mastervolt devices to meet the increased energy consumption of the crews 😊.

We have equipped TAMIRO II with a Flexiteak floor. 20m2 got installed; not only does the boat look better, it's also much nicer to walk on and feel good about. In addition, the service batteries have been replaced with brand new Mastervolt lithium batteries. Two large batteries now deliver two and a half times more electrical energy - enough to use the coffee maker and milk frother after a night at anchor without any problems!





Our new toy : A Wingaker Sail (P13 – 155m2)
For our long trip to the Caribbean we bought a Wingaker from our partner Lothar Weber from Weber Yachting. The model P13 is 155m2 large and will pull TAMIRO II through the Atlantic ocean. The sail will be completed this week. In the week after Easter Lothar will give us a training in the handling of the new sail. We are looking forward to posting some pictures on our Instagramm, Twitter and Facebook pages.


Thank you

Thank you for your interest. We hope to welcome you with your friends and families on S / C TAMIRO I or S / C TAMIRO II in 2019/2020 in Greece or the Caribbean. If you have any questions, please contact us via email ( or mobile (+41 79 3417707).







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