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Newsletter January & February 2019

Dear TAMIRO Catamaran Friends



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Planning is often postponed, we at TAMIRO Catamaran push it forward. The plan was for TAMIRO to sail to the Caribbean in winter 2020/2021. We have now pushed this project forward one year and on 13.10.2019 we start from Kos in the direction of Martinique - ridiculous 10.000 kilometers or just over 5.000 nautical miles.

We would like to inform you with this newsletter about the topics below:

§  Caribbean Special

§  Crossing the Atlantic Ocean - ARC 2019

§  Skipper-Training in April and May 2019

§  Special offers in May 2019

§  Mileage Trips in October and November

§  Tenderlift / Swimming platform for TAMIRO (2015)

§  New Dive Compressor and Parasailor




Caribbean in Winter 2019 / 2020

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We spent Christmas in the Caribbean, sailing from St. Lucia to the British Virgin Islands on a Lagoon 450F. A wonderful experience that led us to push the "Caribbean" project a year forward. TAMIRO I (2015) will offer Sail & Dive Trips in the area of ​​Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia and Domenica from mid-December 2019 to the end of April 2020 (bareboat or skippered). Starts and ends is usually Martinique, which can be reached directly from Paris (Air France) and Frankfurt (Condor). But other places are possible. The price for one week TAMIRO is EUR 5.200, for 2 weeks EUR 10.000 (bareboat). The availability of TAMIRO is available at




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ARC 2019

On 24/11/2019 it is called "Leash off». TAMIRO will sail with the ARC from Las Palmas (Grand Canarias) to St. Lucia (Caribbean). We hope that we will sail the 3100 nautical miles with our new Parasailor in 18 days. After this “venture”, we sail in the area of ​​St. Lucia and Martinique, before the ARC crew will disembarks on 20.12.2019 in Martinique.

In addition to the unique experience of crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a 14 x 8 meters catamaran, we will also be part of the legendary ARC parties in Las Palmas and St. Lucia!

We want to be a maximum of 7 crew members on TAMIRO (including Skipper Urs).
About the costs:

§  Double cabin for single use: EUR 4500

§  Bed in double cabin: EUR 2500

... plus the usual crew costs (catering, diesel and port fees in the Caribbean).



Skippertraining in April and May 2019

In April and May 2019, we perform skipper trainings for catamarans.

Saturday 6.4 to Tuesday 9.4.2019: 4 places available

Tuesday 9.4 to Friday 12.4.2019: sold out

Tuesday, 7.5 to Friday 10.5.2019: 2 places free

In these trainings, the handling of a catamaran (TAMIRO I) is trained on the open sea and in the harbour. A recommended training for new or aspiring skippers.

Further information about skipper training can be found under the following link: /downloads/SkippertrainingEN2019.pdf






Special Offers in April and May 2019


Enjoy Greece in the spring. The year is still young, winds are not too strong and people are still "fresh" - sailing in the Dodecanese is a special experience in April and May. You will find our "last minute" offers below:







EUR 2400 (40%)





Good Friday


EUR 2400 (40%)


Easter Sunday







EUR 4000 (29%)



EUR 3800 (31%)




EUR 4000 (29%)




EUR 4500 (38%)





Mileage trips in October and November 2019

S/C TAMIRO will be sailing from 13.10 until 17.11 from Kos Greece to Las Palmas on Grand Canaria. The track of almost 2300 nautical miles is sailed by experienced skippers. We offer you the opportunity to gain experience in long-term sailing (including sailing over night and over several days). Are you interested in participating in this overpass? Then please contact us, so that we can set and discuss with you the section of the route. The cost is EUR 130 per day (including diesel and port fees), plus the board cash (filing).

If you do not like the dates or the season, plan the second half in May. During this period we will sail the TAMIRO from Palma de Mallorca to Kos.



TAMIRO: Swimming Platform & Tenderlift


Four weeks ago we decided to keep S / C TAMIRO in our small fleet. And now comes the good news: S / C TAMIRO gets an upgrade: This March we install a bathing platform, respectively Tenderlift, similar to TAMIRO II.

A few advantages of the platform:

§  Using the 40hp dinghy and easy attaching the dinghy

§  Easy entry and exit for divers and kite surfers

§  Bathing fun for all ages

§  Apero with the feet in the water ... where else you get this?


Good News!



New Dive Compressor and Parasailor

At the BOOT in Dusseldorf we have upgraded for the season 2019! We have bought a second dive compressor from Bauer. The model is the Bauer Junior II, which has various options: automatic pressure shut-off, automatic drainage, 300 bar, two filling hoses, etc.

For trips from Samos in the direction of Kos (downwind course) there is now the opportunity to sail them with the new Parasailor. 169m2 sail area pull the 20 tons through the water. A unique sailing experience.

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Thank you


Thank you for your interest. We hope to welcome you with your friends and families to S / C TAMIRO I or S / C TAMIRO II in 2019/2020 in Greece or the Caribbean. If you have any questions, please contact us via email ( or mobile (+41 79 3417707).



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